Stepheng B.

Evan represented us in purchasing a home in Coronado. Evan was the best real estate professional we've worked with in our 20 years of buying/selling homes. He provided excellent advice in searching for homes, going above and beyond in inquiring about homes that were either being built or just hitting the market. We felt like his experience was key to finding just the right home. We found one we love thanks to Evan. Evan also helped us find the right financing for our home, introducing us to people who were easy to work with and making it a cinch to go through the process. Not only does Evan know Coronado real estate inside and out but as someone who has remodeled homes on Coronado he knows all about the best contractors after you buy your home. Evan helped us hit the ground running, pointing us to the best painters, carpenters, and landscapers in the area. Lastly, even if you're not in the military or never served, it is a true privilege to have someone like Evan looking out for your interests and providing a lot of peace of mind during the crazy times of buying a home!


Evan is a fantastic Realtor® who recently helped us win a bidding war of seven offers for our dream home! As a full-time Realtor®, he’s always on top of what’s happening in the real estate market. Evan also has an engineering background and built his own home, so he’s great with numbers, information about building/remodeling, and contacts within the city. As a retired Navy Captain, he stayed on top of all our paperwork, kept everything moving, and made sure our transaction closed on time. Evan is a super-nice guy with a lot of integrity. We highly recommend him!


Awesome agent! A real professional who will work tirelessly to either find a buyer and sell your house, or find you one to buy. Excellent communicator! Kept me in the loop constantly. Kept the other agent informed and on track, and makes sure the escrow companies and lenders are on schedule too. Evan is also the kind of guy who will investigate and get business intelligence on properties not provided by the rookies.


Outstanding in every respect! Experienced negotiator and an exceptional communicator. We renovated and sold my place quickly at a great price! There were no snags or miscommunications, the whole experience was pleasant and super smooth. Evan is a pure professional who will be responsive to your requirements, questions, and ideas. He gets my highest possible recommendation!

Karey K.

Evan was always pleasant and responsive, patient in explaining details of the process, proactive in gathering information as needed, and helpful with digital form-signing. Ours was a lengthy escrow, by necessity, and I missed hearing from him during the lulls in activity.


Evan helped us buy our dream property on Coronado. He made everything so easy! His deep knowledge of the local market and excellent negotiating skills ensured we got the house at the right price. Highly recommend him!

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